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ENOC offers a diverse range of career opportunities for talented, bright and ambitious individuals. The ENOC Group consists of over 35 companies and various other business entities across a wide range of sectors. The Group employs a workforce of over 9,000 employees and is deploying its world-class customer service, latest innovations and technologies and best practices towards the UAE's social and economic development.

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Employee Happiness

ENOC is aware of how happiness affects motivation, productivity and the overall performance of the work force. We implement many initiatives in this regard to ensure that the working environment inspires happiness and loyalty.

Employee Engagement

ENOC strives to implement global best practices in an effort to create the right working environment to encourage and motivate employees to excel in their professional careers and contribute to the organisation's success. We encourage employees to become involved in the improvement process and consider their inputs on wide range of business-related components. Employee engagement has resulted in the introduction of several local and corporate-level programs. We value our employees' feedback and are committed to building a collaborative, productive dialogue with all our employees.

Corporate Events

ENOC arranges numerous events throughout the year to share their success stories, experiences and achievements with each other.

As a large organisation, it is imperative that our most prized assets (our people) get to meet with each other regularly to connect and interact. We host conferences, gatherings and annual communication events at the beginning of each year to keep our people informed of the progress we have made and our hopes for the year ahead. We gather and plan our success together. We also organize a host of team-building events throughout the year for each department within our entities.

Innovation at ENOC

Creative ideas will always fuel business success. With this in mind, ENOC has set up INNOV8; an employee suggestion programme that gives employees at ENOC the opportunity to share their ideas and contribute to improving the organisation's operations, business efficiency, and employee morale. INNOV8 is a platform where employee involvement is nurtured and recognized and rewarded.


Happiness at ENOC

The ENOC Wellness & Social Affairs Department looks after the wellbeing and happiness of our people, both in the workplace and elsewhere. The department aims to introduce various activities that encourage community involvement and sports activities, such as health awareness initiatives, social gatherings and family integrated programs. The department's mission is to make sure our employees are healthy, happy and connected; making ENOC a healthy and happy place to work.

Corporate Wellness

At ENOC, we believe in the positive correlation between employee wellbeing and performance, and continuously strive to offer our employees the right work-life balance. We have a dedicated unit that promotes the wellbeing of our employees, by offering a range of activities that include sporting, health and family based programmes throughout the year.

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Please let us know if you have any feedback, request for information or any questions about ENOC.

Get In Touch

Please let us know if you have any feedback, request for information or any questions about ENOC.