RFID - ViP (Vehicle Identification Pass)

(For Individuals)

Smarter, faster, easier and safer refueling with ViP, an RFID-based technology!

For the first time in the UAE, all car owners can enjoy the amazing benefits of the innovative ViP technology at any ENOC or EPPCO service station. Simply install the smart tag on your vehicle and the ViP system does the rest! The nozzle will automatically recognize the fueling preferences you've set for your car. Moreover, you don't even need to wait to pay - just fill & go!

  • A fully automated and paperless refueling system - no more cash, debit/credit cards or receipts
  • A safe system with no risk of unauthorized or incorrect fueling for your vehicle
  • An efficient way to control, manage and budget your fuel expenses



Our ViP Payment Method

ViP Installation is Extremely Easy

ViP installation is extremely easy - just one-stop at any ENOC or EPPCO station takes care of it! Simply open your ViP account and in absolutely no time our staff will install it for you, for you to start using ViP right away

Please ensure to have these with you at the time of registering

  • Emirates ID (Residents) or Passport (Tourists)
  • Car Registration
  • Vehicle - For ViP Tag Installation

Our ViP Payment Method

Manage Your Account

Manage your ViP account through the following:

  • View transaction history
  • Request statement of accounts
  • Manage multiple vehicles
  • Set monthly budget
  • Monitor monthly spending

ViP - For Fleet customers

Operating your fleet on a daily basis can drive up business costs. Managing these costs is easier with ViP. An innovative fuel management solution, where every vehicle is fitted with an RFID-based security chip that authorizes, tracks and records all fueling transactions. Moreover, it is a completely paperless payment system, so there is no need to even carry fuel cards or receipts.

Fleet Benefits
  • Smart Technology: Each vehicle is embedded with on RFID-based security chip, which authorizes and tracks the fuelling transactions.
  • Secure Transactions: Tampering with the device installed on the vehicle will automatically deactivate the chip, ensuring it cannot be used on any unauthorized vehicle.
  • Saving On Fuel: Only authorized vehicles can be fuelled, for the product you define and the limit you set - every transaction is fulfilled only if verified as genuine, supported by daily transaction reports to your e-mail.
  • Speed Of Service: Removing the need for fuel card, cash or receipts, you can just fill up your petrol or diesel vehicle and be on your way!.
  • ViP total fuel management solution The ViP fuel management solution removes the need for fuel cards, cash or receipts. So you can just fill up your petrol or diesel vehicle and be on your way!
  • Smart TechnologyViP total fuel management solution With ViP fuel management solution, each vehicle is embedded with an RFID-based security chip, which authorizes and tracks the fueling transactions.
  • Fill & GoViP total fuel management solution With ViP fuel management solution, authorized vehicles can be fueled, for the product you define and the limit you set.
  • Secure TransationsViP total fuel management solution With the ViP fuel management solution, no unauthorized vehicles can be refueled. Tampering with the RFID-based security chip installed on the vehicle will automatically deactivate the device.

Select Cards

(For Corporate Customers)

Offering convenience to our customers at every touch point is our promise. That is why we developed our Select Cards; which are designed to ensure you can manage your fuel expenditure; conveniently and efficiently.

Select is our innovative fuel management card for corporate fleet customers that allows fleet managers complete control on how, where and when expenditure is made on fuel. Select cards can be pre-programmed with an individual vehicle registration number to ensure you have even greater control over your transactions. For security purposes, the chip on all our cards contains the card holder information, credit limit and purchase limitations and is secured by a smart PIN.

Select Plus Credit Card

Now, you can simply and effectively control the expenditure of your fleet with the ENOC Select Plus Credit card and the impressive web-based management system. You can set monthly, weekly or even daily credit limits for all your card holders, define exactly what purchases are allowed to be made on the cards and view regular statements on-line. Customers may also retrieve their statements through our advanced Integrated Voice Recognition (IVR) system. Monthly statements are sent to them through the E-fax and our SMS service offers timely updates and reminders. This program works on a credit basis

Select Plus Debit Card

Select Plus Debit is aimed at small to medium enterprises that need fleet management with complete control over expenditure. Individual card expenditure limits can be set and pre-paid consumption can be monitored in monthly

The card may be programmed to be used for services across all ENOC service station network; such as fuel, convenient store, car wash, oil change, automotive maintenance services and vehicle testing and registration


ENOCPay is a cashless, cardless payment platform for both fuel and non-fuel products at ENOC and EPPCO service stations.

ENOCPay enhances the customer experience by enabling them to pay with their mobile phones, without having to leave the comfort of their vehicle. It allows users to link their Vehicle Identification Pass (ViP) RFID account to enable top-up, pay for fuel as well pay in-store at ZOOM and Pronto. The app also allows for remote payments by entering the site and pump number details.

To use, customers must download the ENOCPay app from Apple Store or Google Play and register for a new account. Users can also log-in using their social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter and Google.Customers can add credit and debit card details on the app. Payment transactions are simple and contactless for both parties. The customers can link their VISA, Mastercard and Diners card., and confirm payment from the comfort of their car once a transaction is complete. Customers and fuel attendants both receive notifications of transaction status and a digital receipt is automatically generated. The users can also track past purchases and transaction history.

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