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News Releases:

  • ENOC Marks 20 Years Of Jet Fuel Business With Expanding Global Footprint
  • RTA Partners With Network International To Enable Retail Payments Through NOL Cards
  • ENOC And Du Partner On Significant Advanced Managed Connectivity Solution In The Region


ENOC's services to its consumers goes beyond simply producing and supplying the fuel they need to drive.

As part of ENOC's wider business activities, it operates two automotive services for its customers in the UAE.

AUTOPRO offers a range of automotive services at a number of locations, catering to customers' automotive needs from a quick, basic car wash to maintenance and repair services. AUTOPRO's outlets can be found at many of ENOC and EPPCO service stations so customers can quickly and easily source both the technicians, the facilities and the expertise they need to keep their vehicles clean and properly maintained.

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TASJEEL provides a comprehensive range of vehicle testing and registration services for car owners across a network of outlets, enabling them to undertake a wide variety of mandatory tests required for vehicle registration. All services are in full compliance with RTA and federal traffic regulations, meaning customers will be able to ensure full legality of their vehicles at any one of the many TASJEEL outlets across Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

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